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Chip Seal

Chip seal  is a term used in the paving industry for a process of applying a sealing layer of liquid asphalt to an existing asphalt surface and topping it with a layer of aggregate, thus sealing the old asphalt surface from further damage from the elements and providing a new ‘wearing’ surface.

The process is labor intensive and requires specialized machinery. First, a “distributor” applies liquid asphalt from a heated storage tank that keeps the asphalt hot enough to flow evenly. Then, a pump and spray bar applies the hot asphalt onto a roadway surface. A “chip spreader” goes to work, spreading a layer of stone aggregate. Lastly, the layers are set by rolling and compaction.

Cummings Paving has the equipment to spray the asphalt in place,
drop the aggregate onto the surface, and roll and compact it in place.

‘State of the art’ Computerized Rate Control ETNYRE
Centennial Series

ETNYRE computerized rate control Chip Spreader

Our equipment is TX DOT approved.

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