hot mix asphalt paving

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HMAC: Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

HMAC is manufactured and used for pavement surfaces and is the material with which most of the highways and parking lots we drive on are covered. Hot mix asphalt must be applied within 3-4 hours of delivery to the worksite.

The process of  installing hot mix asphalt is labor intensive and requires specialized machinery. The lay-down or paving machine applies the asphalt and it is then set in place by rolling and compaction to achieve optimum density. Our equipment is TX DOT approved.

Lee Boy 8315 Paver with HyPac Pnuematic roller, sweeper, steel wheel double drum roller and loader
for handling the asphalt and delivering asphalt to the paver.

Blaw-Knox PF-3172 Paver with Cedar Rapids MS-2 Elevator.

The elevator has a chain with slats to pick up the asphalt and deliver it to the paver.

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