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Seal Coating: the Squeegee Machine by Cummings Paving

Sealing restores the original black color to asphalt and greatly enhances the overall appearance of your property. Coal Tar offers  the best UV Protection available.

Seal coating with the Squeegee Method is far superior to the more common spray applied methods. Squeegee Method applies a thicker coating and spreads uniformly to fill in the existing voids in badly oxidized asphalt, providing a smoother pavement surface and a longer service life.

The difference between single layer vs. double layer sealer >>>

Specially designed Squeegee Machine by Cummings Paving

With a capacity to hold hold 1,000 gallons of sealer, this truck can  apply a swath 12’ wide and a mile long, offering consistent coverage with fewer joints.  >>>

We use a coal tar based sealer mixed with sand and latex to form a thick slurry mixture that is applied with a squeegee machine.

<<< Coal Tar Sealer was applied to this runway surface over eight years ago.

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