Asphalt Paving, Road Construction, Airstrips are our Specialty.


Cummings Paving & Recycling, LLC is a full service construction and asphalt paving company. We offer new construction, complete rehabilitation, cement stabilization, land reclamation, asphalt paving, chip seal paving, seal coating, pot hole repair, crack seal, and site work.

Cement Stabiliation

Bulk cement is added on top of the base material then the CMI RS 320 goes to work pulverizing and mixing it all together. Cement stabilization Increases the strength & stiffness of base material.  More....

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving

Crews install Hot Mix Asphalt Pavings, using a Blaw-Knox PF-3172 in conjunction with a Cedar Rapids MS-2 Elevator for large projects. More....

Chip Seal Paving

The Chip Seal process applies a layer of liquid asphalt and new aggregate onto the surface of old pavement. Many roads are paved using 2 layers of chip seal. More...

Seal Coating

Seal Coating is the most beneficial process available for maintaining good asphalt. Applying sealer every few years is recommended. Crack sealing should be done in conjunction with the seal coating. More....

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