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Cummings Paving & Recycling, LLC  has been in business in Texas for over thirty years, building quality roads, airstrips, parking lots and other asphalt and concrete structures. We have the equipment, man-power, knowledge and expertise to handle the largest and most complex project, including ranch road construction, sub-division roads, city streets, and private runways certified for corporate business-class jet aircraft.


Cummings Paving also reconstructs existing paved asphalt roadways with our Full Depth Reclamation process. This unique cement stabilization technique saves you money and is kinder to the environment. Through cement stabilization and asphalt reclamation we have saved more than 10 million square feet of asphalt from ending up in landfills.  See VIDEO below of  our 2013 reclamation for the City of Woodcreek.

Extend the life of asphalt with Cummings chip seal coating, as durable as HMAP, more economical, and again, a better environmental choice.

Our equipment is TX DOT approved.

Call Cummings and give our paving professionals a chance to bid on your project. We guarantee a first-class product. Call 830-833-0311 or email estimates@cummingspaving.com.

Below: Cement stabilization process, Wimberley, Texas, January 2013. Cummings Paving & Recycling LLC. specializes in efficiently rebuilding roads so customers get more road rebuilt for lower prices.  The new cement stabilized road is the result of simultaneously injecting water in the process.  We have 20 years of experience in this type of road or parking area construction.

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Holt Ranch Airstrip, 2012
Runway Project on a private ranch,
south Texas, 2005
More airstrip pics


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